Here at A-A-Ron’s Rentals, we get calls all the time asking for our Bobcat rental rates and availability. Now, we understand that this term is often used when talking generally about skid steers and loaders, and customers aren’t always referring to a specific brand.


But this brings up a good question – and another one we often hear from our customers – about which brand of construction equipment is better: Bobcat or Kubota? Or are they really all about the same?

Although both brands have their own advantages, we are dedicated Kubota fans here at A-A-Ron’s Rentals, and we didn’t come to that conclusion by happenstance. When you analyze these two brands in a side-by-side comparison, we believe there really is no comparison.

Performance Comparison of Bobcat & Kubota

If you compare the specs for both brands, Kubota comes up on top every time. 

With greater capacity, more power and superior stability, you have the ability to get more done in a shorter amount of time. Operator visibility is superior in the Kubota, thanks to its front door design (more on that below). 

Kubota also has a longer wheelbase and superior weight ratio, allowing you to turn and maneuver more easily and smoothly. It also beats Bobcat in terms of both lift and reach, which allows for more even loading. 

In terms of horsepower, RPMs, fuel capacity, ground clearance and dump clearance, the Kubota wins again – in every category. 

Comfort & Convenience Features


If we had to pick one feature that is always mentioned in a Bobcat vs. Kubota comparison, it’s Bobcat’s swing-out door vs. Kubota’s roll-up door. The roll-up door means you can get out of the operator’s compartment virtually anywhere, no matter where the boom is. The Bobcat door configuration means that the boom has to be all the way down to open the door. You could certainly make the argument that this is a safety issue as well as a comfort or convenience factor.

This also means that you can both store and operate the Kubota with the door open. Neither is an option with the Bobcat. 

The Kubota cab is wider than the Bobcat and the lap bar room is also larger. This is an important factor for those operators who qualify as other-than-petite. 

Bottom Line: Why Kubota Beats Bobcat Every Time

If you talk to the folks who actually buy skid steers and compact loaders for their own use, you hear lots of factors that don’t affect equipment rental – such as maintenance issues and durability over time. This is an argument that Bobcat loses, hands down.

At A-A-Ron’s Rentals, we know that these issues doaffect our customers, albeit indirectly. The more maintenance and repair we have to perform, the more we have to charge our customers. This also takes construction equipment off the lot until the repairs are complete, or takes our technicians offsite if something went wrong in the field. 

Reliability is critical for our customers because, if that piece of equipment fails, you can’t get the job done. When you add comfort and convenience to the mix, you can’t go wrong. And, in our experience, that means choosing Kubota over Bobcat rentals every time.

Contact us today to learn more about why we recommend Kubota skid steers and excavators from A-A-Ron’s for all your construction equipment rental needs.