Superior 4-ton muscle and clean engine performance make the KX040-4 the ideal choice for the urban jungle. 


  The KX040-4 has the power and versatility to take on almost any task even in the toughest conditions. Combined with improved digging and lifting power, and smoother travel performance, it can get the job done right!  


ROPS/OPG (TOP Guard, Level I) canopy and cabin

 The OSHA-certified ROPS/OPG (Top Guard, Level I) canopy and cabin provide protection in the event of accidental rollovers and falling objects. 

Auto idling system

 Save fuel with Kubota’s Auto Idle. When the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs. 

Auto down shift

 The auto down shift system enables automatic travel shift from high to low depending on traction effort and terrain. This gives smoother simultaneous operations when dozing and turning. 

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